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Home Care

Licensed nurses and home health aides provide all patient care. Staff members assess and monitor the patient’s health-care needs, educate patients and caregivers, and collaborate with attending physicians to promote continuity of care.

Caring World’s home health aides are certified medical professionals supervised by a registered nurse. Aides ensure patient care is provided in the safest and healthiest environment possible. It is important that patients, family members, caregivers, and physicians understand what home health aides may and may not do.

The Home Health Aides’ Scope of Practices includes:
Personal care assistance including bathing, dressing and grooming 
Elimination assistance, ambulation and transfers
Help with activities and exercises as directed by the physician and/or physical therapist
Assistance with the use of Durable Medical Equipment (walkers, wheel chairs, braces and crutches)
Meal preparation and assistance with feeding
Medication reminders as directed by the nurse
Light housekeeping and cleaning
Grocery shopping and errands
Laundry and change of bed linens
Accompanying patients to clinics for treatment, diagnosis testing and/or therapeutic purposes
Companionship and social activities
Communicating status to family as per patient’s request
Hourly and live-in care
How live-in care works

The live-in caregiver stays in the home 24 hours a day, and is available to assist any time during the day and night. All our live-in caregivers maintain a separate residence. They are permitted to reside on the client’s premises only during their assigned days and nights, and they must leave the client’s premises on their days off. They are strictly prohibited from using the client’s property, such as phone, car, computer or TV, for their own, personal use. Our live-in caregivers must respect our company’s policy – no visitors allowed while providing care.
How hourly care works

If you need services on an hourly basis, for example a few hours a day for light housekeeping or personal care assistance, we would need at least one day’s notice to be able to set up the services. We are happy to assist you to provide care whenever and wherever needed.

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