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Staff Services

To keep up-to-date in the ever-changing field of home health care, Caring World & Health Services requires its staff to be educated and well trained. Home Health Aides must maintain appropriate in-service training of 13 hours per year, as well as complete corporate training courses.

Required Staff Education:

Required education includes a comprehensive orientation for all new employees, both in the office and in the field. Annual in-services include, but are not limited to, 12 hours of education on safety and emergencies, abuse and neglect, infection control, HIPAA, hospice care, and adverse events related to medical devices. We also offer a wide variety of patient education materials available for reference purposes.

Additional Education:

Furthering professional development within our agency is highly valued.

Managerial and administrative training is considered to be ongoing. On-the-job training covers all facets of working within our agency, including specific topics such as safety training, sales and marketing training, and annual clinical and personnel policy reviews. Senior employees will be happy to provide continuous support to newly oriented employees.